The Scoop on 2week lashes…

July 14, 2013

I am pretty new to the whole at home, apply yourself,  false eye lash party. (or flashy lashes as I will now be calling them due to a little typo to a client!!)  I do love the look you can get when you use them. I wanted to wearing some individual lashes for my wedding  just on the outer corners to make my eyes look more oval, rather then the round shape they are, so I started testing…

I soon realised that the glue you use is very important, some of the ones that come with the lashes are complete rubbish. (which I have to say is utterly annoying…sort it out people!)I started trying  corner lashes they seem to be the quickest and simplest to apply. I then moved on to the boxes of individual ones. Pretty easy to use but takes a steady hand and a lot longer to apply than a strip or corner lashes. Any hoooo….

I used some lovely short and medium individual lashes from ‘eylure for my wedding day’. I used the glue supplied and it was great. They stayed on all day even through tears and raucous laughter!!

Eylure Black Individual lashes

Since then I have been playing around with different brands with the ‘eylure’ glue. I really like  ‘Ardell’  they do loads of different styles from individual (my fave for a natural look) to glam strip lashes and at only £1.99 a pack they are a bargain too. You need a good glue though try ‘Duo’ glue or buy ‘eylure’ from boots.

Ardell Duralash False <em>Individual Eyelashes</em> Flare Knot-free Naturals

I then found these babies…. They are by ‘eylure’ and they have flashes of colour in them which aren’t shockingly bright or anything they show up nicely in the sunlight. What I was really interested in was the fact they said they could last up to 2 weeks………Katy Perry Ka-Zaam

I know, REALLY, at home lashes am not so sure. So the test began.

I applied them on Friday night it took a while as I wanted quite a full on look. I went to bed thinking I’d find them all down my face in the morning.

individual eye lashes by eylure.

Nope, there they are Saturday morning all in tact… impressed!! This was brilliant as I was going to a local music festival and didn’t have time to do them before I went.

So off I went and after applying heavy waterproof eye makeupurban warrior

and then being out under the super hot sun for most of the afternoon I pretty much thought they will have had enough and fall free.

Nope all was fine. They even stayed on after I cleansed and removed my makeup (another thing I thought they wouldn’t survive) I was gentle and used non oil cleanser on my eyes like it said to in the packaging. So again off I went to bed thinking wow these are great I won’t doubt their Ka-Zaaming power again!!

I woke up in the night, eyes itching like crazy, hay fever was at its worst and I just couldn’t take it anymore…
they had to come off.

Although the itching was hay fever (I’ve been suffering for the last two weeks) I don’t think the glue helped the situation. These eyelashes are prefect if you have a wedding or big do as you can apply them the night before (without rushing) pop off to bed and in the morning be ready to rock! Did I mention they also where find in the shower even though I washed my hair!!! In my humble opinion these are worth the price and although I removed mine pretty quickly i do think without the hay fever they would have lasted another night at the least.

These are going in my kit, in fact I bought 6 boxes at Claire’s Accessories as they where in the sale!! 3 for £5  (RRP £6.45) BARGAIN!!! Let me know how you get on with them if you give them a shot.