The Magic of Masks

November 6, 2015

The only thing I love more smoothing on a rich creamy face mask and jumping out on my husband and children to make them squeal in fright, is the magic effect the masks have on my skin.

There are tons and tons of masks on the market but after years of trying a fair few of them I have some favourites that really make a difference to my skin.

My current magic masks are:

  • Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask
  • Bio-Essence Hydra Sleeping Mask
  • Filorga Meso Mask
  • Origins Calm to Your Senses Mask
  • Diptque Mutli-use Clay Mask

If I had to pick one of the above it would be the Filorga Meso Mask as it seems to cover all areas I need. It plumps, hydrates, calms and purifies. It’s rich and cream and instantly feels smooth on the skin after a long day. Even writing about it now makes me want to smoother my face in it. Its available from M&S and will set you back £38.oo for 50ml

Filorga Meso Mask
Filorga Meso Mask

Everyone of the Origins mask I’ve tried have been great. The Mega Mushroom was a life saviour when I active acne in calm and taking the sting out of my over sensitised skin. The Drink Intensive Overnight mask is one of my all time faves as I always see great results in the morning. My skin is even in tone, bright and more pores are way less visible I love the stuff. When I first used the calm to your senses mask I was a little disappointed but I’ve used it after I’ve been ill and it really does help calm and sooth tired skin. It’s great layered over a facial oil at night.

Calm to your senses mask
Calm to Your Senses mask

I think everyone should have a clay mask in their beauty stash. They are brilliant at clearing pores, removing excess oils and exfoliating skin. My current favourite is Diptyque Multi-Use Exfoliating Scrub. Like the name suggests you can use it as a scrub or as I like too a mask. This does contain natural grains all be tiny ones. So I like to apply all over my face leave for 5-10mins before it gets hard remove it with a warm flannel. My skin glows after and in a couple of days any blocked pore have gone. It’s wonderful plus the packaging looks amazing on your dressing table or bath room shelf!

Diptque Multi-Use Clay
Diptque Multi-Use Clay

Another mask to have in you skincare arsenal is a hydrating one. Origins Drink Up Intensive is one favourite but another I keep going back to is Bio-Essence Hydra Tri-Action Sleeping Mask. It’s a light gel with hyaluronic acid and cranberry extract that when applied to the skin turns into water droplets. Pat it in before bed and hello plump skin, goodbye dry, dull skin. Its great at £29.00 for 80ml too!


What masks do you have in your skincare arsenal?


The Makeup Spy XOX