Reduce the Red…

October 27, 2013

I was on the tube the other day and I lovely young girl obviously spotted my makeup kit and started asking me about my job… (Yes I know someone spoken to me on the tube it’s crazy!!!;-)
She then went on to ask how she could reduce the redness in her cheeks what foundation should she use etc….
So I thought I answer her on here as I know it’s a major problem for some people.

Ok so to start with your skin is more than likely sensitive or over sensitized by products that are too harsh.

I would recommend Origins Mega Mushroom skincare range it did amazing things to my very red, senstive, cystic acne skin.
If you can’t afford the whole range get the mask and cleanser. The mask is simply amazing it calms, soothes and reduce redness if your skin feels sore, tight or you have sore blemishes this will stop that. Works everytime for me.

On to makeup….

You need to counteract the redness and you do this by use a green based corrector or primer. I find when working on customers correcting the redness first with these then applyingbyour foundation works the best and lasts the longest.

Here’s what I do…

First of all use a green primer… No7 do a lovely one and so do Smashbox.



I would apply it with a beauty blender or cosmetic sponge as it’s gentle on the skin some brushes can aggravate senstive skin.

Then I would use a green corrector there are lots out there but if you suffer with redness alot I would invest in MaqPro CR fard creme stick,£16.50 from PAM London.
Or if you want something cheaper get there Fard Creme Trio in T10, £7.50. It has the CR corrector and two other correctors in for you to try.
I use this brand in my kit and I love it! It blends in beautifully and makes skin look like skin and not, pale ‘am going to puke any minute’ green, like some can do. It’s also not cakey at all and can be mixed with moisteriser and used as primer aswell. Best out there totally worth the money.

Again use your sponge to press and roll the corrector onto the red areas.

Let this all settle (maybe do your eye make up) then go over with your foundation or BB cream gently with your sponge to create a flawless finish.

Use loose translucent powder to set then add bronzer… I’d stay away from blusher as there’s no point in added red back onto the skin. If you love a flushed cheek go for peachy bronze tones instead.

Set with a fixing spray and your good to go.

Hope this helps all questions welcome.