Products for Dehydrated Skin.

May 3, 2015

Products for Dehydrated Skin.


If your skin is dehydrated (lacking water not oil, which dry skin lacks) you’ll likely have large pores and if you gentle push your skin up just below the cheek fine lines will appear. I also found my makeup goes patchy thought out the day when my skins dehydrated, sooo not a good look!
Now obviously you need to increase your water intake (start drinking ladies and whats water not the vino!) but I’ve also found some great products to help keep my skin hydrated plump and radiant.
I hadn’t realised skin could be dehydrated and then certainly didn’t think oily skin would be but actually oily skin and acne prone skin is more than likely to be lacking in water and hench dehydrated which can actually make your skin even more oily. If you have been told or read oily skins should still moisturiser this is way but just make sure you use an oil free moisturiser or a plant based facial oil. Realising all this made a huge difference to my skin. Once I started using some hydrating products it only took a week or so to notice a difference in my skin.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum 30ml for £17.50 (always on offer like here)
This is a thin water like liquid that contains hyaluronic acid which is great re-hydrating skin. I think its a great budget serum (you can’t get good ingredients for a few quid am afraid). It sinks in with no residue and really helps make my skin look good.

Overnight Masks.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask
This smells amazing fruity and fresh. Its a thick cream that soaks in overnight (or at least that’s how I use it) In the morning you wake with smooth glowing skin seriously I need to remember to buy another tube, this is health glowing skin in a tube.

Bio essence sleeping beauty mask
After reading several reviews on this new brand I decided to give this a try. Its the completed opposite to the Origins in texture instead of a thick cream this is a very light gel that melts into a water like liquid as soon as its applied to skin due to the high amount of hyaluronic acid it contains which is a brilliant way to rehydrate your skin. I wont lie I don’t particular like the texture I prefer applying the thick cream! But it does plump and hydrate skin with a good water boost. It;’s very easy to layer upon the top of your normal skincare.

Overnight oils and balms.

Decleor Aromessence Neroli Night Balm.
When I first used this balm I thought I had wasted £35 but I went back to using it and now the jar is empty. You take a pea sized amount and warm in hand then press on your face. I loved the smell of it and in the morning my skin didn’t look so dull as it normal does and my skin stayed clear and radiant.