PixiBeauty Clay Cleanser

September 12, 2015

PixiBeauty Mud cleanser

PixiBeauty New Clay Cleanser is lovely it that’s because it’s a joy to use thick creamy consistency that is nice to massage into dry skin (well thats how I like to use it) and then a small amount of water added to whip it into a creamy silky lather.
Once removed with a flannel my skin is left soft plump and smooth.

I really like how their is the 5% Glycolic Acid in it so you get a gently exfoliation without any grains.

I have been using this in the morning and in the evening as my second cleanse.

I have also been trying the Fixing Mist which is nice and refreshing but as a makeup setter the pump spray is too heavy and far to much liquid gets on your face which can make your eye makeup run… NOT GOOD!! If it was in a mist form it would be perfect!

I would definitely try more of the new PixiBeauty skincare range unfortunately the Glow pads were out of stock when I ordered but those and the overnight mask are on my next purchase list.

What have you tried in the range?