Pink eyes and lips.

March 12, 2013

I saw this picture and took it as my inspiration to create a wearable version.


I did the eyes first as I was using bright intense colour which where powder and so there would be fall out onto cheeks and its easier than redoing all the base again.

I applied MUA Eye Primer,£2 Super drug and then a bright shimmery pink,£7 from Bodyshop all over lids blending up towards brows.
Then a light baby pink,£4 from Look Superdurg to the inner corners and under lower lashes and blended this into first colour.
Through the socket I applied a dark pinky plum matt colour lightly just for a bit of definition.
I took the medium pink shimmer colour under lash line as well they added plum liner to waterline on bottom and set with the medium pink shimmer colour I used first.
I used tons of black mascara from Mac,£16 then moved onto skin.

I used Matt Foundation with full coverage and the added highlighter  to cheekbones, nose, middle of forehead and brow bones. From the same Sleek Contour Palette,£10 Superdrug, I added the bronze matt color below cheek bones and lower jaw line.

Lips where lined with BH cosmetics lip liner in raspberry, and then in centre I added a nude lipstick from Maqpro Lip Fard Palette,£24
These where blended slightly together to create an ombre effect.
Finally I set with a loose powder, NYX,£2.99 Superdrug down t-zone.

Here’s the results… better on people with lighter hair I think???