Perking Up Winter Skin

November 5, 2015

When the weather gets colder, I find my skin gets dull and prone to small bumpy spots. I think the lack of vitamin D my skin normally gets from the sun in summer plays a big part in this. As well as the central heating and frosty cold windy weather. I have recently been suffering […]

Combat the Congestion

September 13, 2015

I have found recently that my chin and middle of forehead have become congested and by congested I mean small bumps and rough oily skin. If your skin is over producing sebum, oily or combination skin types general suffer. The sebum can stick to the dead skin cells inside the follicle, which causes the pore […]

PixiBeauty Clay Cleanser

September 12, 2015

PixiBeauty New Clay Cleanser is lovely it that’s because it’s a joy to use thick creamy consistency that is nice to massage into dry skin (well thats how I like to use it) and then a small amount of water added to whip it into a creamy silky lather. Once removed with a flannel my […]

  THE PRODUCTS I LIKE …. for a 5 minute No Makeup, Makeup look. I love makeup from a dark smokey eye to avant garde creative makeup, but most days you’ll see me in a natural no makeu, makeup look. Its quick and easy with the right products. Here’s what I use… My current foundation […]

The Glow Getters

May 3, 2015

Seeking the Glow. Before that certain time of the month my skin throws a little wobble and I get the chin blemishes, oil slick, my pores look the size of moon craters and horrible grey dullness, oh joy! Last Saturday I was going out and to be honest panicked slightly my skin looked as described […]

Products for Dehydrated Skin. If your skin is dehydrated (lacking water not oil, which dry skin lacks) you’ll likely have large pores and if you gentle push your skin up just below the cheek fine lines will appear. I also found my makeup goes patchy thought out the day when my skins dehydrated, sooo not a […]

Using a facial oil has probably been the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin. I still hear lots of people say my skins oily I don’t want to add more. Well people listen up…. Your skin is only oily because your skin is over producing your natural sebum why…?  You’re possibly using harsh […]

Great on the Nips, Better on the Lips!

September 25, 2014

Those naughty UVA rays have been out in force this summer and down south the afternoons are still hot and sunny, that and the ‘odd snog with my husband and his rather cool and handsome stubble, along with air-con have equaled dry, sore cracked lips… OUCH! Now before you Vaseline loving ladies start saying  grab […]

Today I realised I had no makeup in my handbag. It was frightening I didn’t even have a lip balm and my lips where dry…yikes. So when I got home I decided to sort out my makeup bag for daily essentials.   My Essential Handbag picks Lip Balm – O’ how I love a good […]

A Fluttering of Colour.

April 21, 2014

I love spring time its bright it cheerful and gets you in the mood for summer. I also love the hues of colours we are seeing this year in the shops its not just clothes that have been injected with beautiful serbert shades of lemon, pink, blue, coral and greens but nails and make up […]