On the Spot…

April 10, 2014

Did you know that the average spot has a lifespan of 7days? Yep not that long really is it?

So why do they seem to stick around for ages then? Am afraid to say is more than likely it’s because your treating them badly! (what I hear you cry….) I know, I know you hate them you don’t want to treat them kindly or nicely. Well unfortunately that’s really the only way your going to get them to go away quicker.

With most types of spots whether its a blackhead, white head, small red lumps under the skin, the best way to treat them is cleanse, tone, moisturizer, conceal and leave well alone. It’s good to gently exfoliate too to remove dead skin cells and stop other pores from blocking. Try using a toner with a skin friendly acid in (either lactic, glycol or salicylic). As i’ve said before grainy scrubs  scratch the skin and do more harm than good.

If you have one of those larger red, angry and sore under the skin spots you need to be extra careful leave well alone do not I repeat do not try to pop it you will only make it even worse and it could result in creating a cyst and leave a scar. I speak from experience….. Leave it be… Cleanse, moisturise, try a oil supplement if you get them round your period as they are commonly caused by hormones.
I moisturise with a plant based facial oil as it’s closer to your skins natural sebum so it stops the skin from over producing its own which leads to oily skin and blocked pores.. I also find it helps reduce flakey skin which is a nightmare to conceal.

Another good spot fighter is Benzoyl Peroxide you can get creams over the counter, the only down side is it’s very drying and can cause your skin around the spot to flake aswell which isn’t great to cover up. I would suggest you give this a go if you have a cluster of spots or suffer from acne.

If you find a large red spot after a couple of days gets a small whitehead on top don’t squeeze it….. It will just cause bleeding and further infection therefore prolonging the spots lifespan. Just gentle cleanse using a soft flannel and allow the skin to remove what it wants.

When it comes to concealing your new friend, use a clean small lip/concealer brush to apply directly on the spot over the top of your foundation and blend out edges then set it with powder.
May favorite spot covering concealers are:-

Collections lasting perfection – £4.99

Beccas Compact Concealer – £24.00

Mac Pro Longwear – £14.95

This should keep them hidden all day. Make sure you wash you face well in the evening and apply either tea tree oil or your spot fighting lotion before you go to bed.

A good clay mask once week and keeping up with a good skincare routine should keep the naughty buggers away.