My Love Affair with Hourglass Cosmetics

November 10, 2015

The first time I heard of Hourglass was when contouring had just started to become mainstream, rather than just a makeup artists secret to chiselled cheek bones. As a makeup artist I had used different shades of foundation to contour with so I was keen to see what new products would be launching to general consumers.

I did a lot of research and review reading. Hourglasse and Tom Ford light and shade palettes proved very popular. After a trip to SpaceNK I purchased the Hourglass palette Illume Creme-to-powder Bronze Duo in bronze light.

Hourglass Cream to powder

I was very disappointed to say the least. The contour shade has a strong orange undertone that doesn’t even do to well as a bronzer in my opinion. The highlight isn’t great either, it blends out to leave nothing but a bit of patchy sparkle. Both disappeared in an hour or so and even after trying it out on a few different complexions and skin types I didn’t care for the results. I was a bit put off and didn’t try anything else from the brand until a couple of months ago.

After the hype of the Ambient Light Powders I was very intrigued. Everyone who is everyone seemed to own one of them and all the beauty blogs and you tubers were raving about them. After the commercial craze died down I was still noticing how many people and makeup artist used and loved the powders so I decided to buy the Ambient Lighting Palette.

HourGlass Lighting palette

I loved Dim Light, a setting powder that really gives you that glow from within. There’s no glitter or shimmer which really doesn’t suit my acne scarred skin. Not long after I bought that palette (I was late to the party!) the new Ambient Edit Palette came out. This houses two blushes, one bronzer, one highlighter and two setting powders. I loved the idea of having all of those together and because I loved dim light powder so much I bought it.


I’m very pleased I did. It is a thing of beauty. The blushes are lovely shades and wear for much longer than any of my others. There is Dim Light and Irredentist Light to set your foundation with both beautiful. The only downside is the bronzer has a little too much shimmer for my liking.  I still use it though and have so far liked the end results. Its certainly not a contour shade though. A lot of people complained about the size of the palette but I personally love it. It fits in my handbag and makeup bag perfectly and my Rae Morris cheek brush fits into the individual, awesome!

They give your skin a soft glowing appearance over foundation or even on their own. I love the Edit Palette and if you haven’t already, get one before they are gone, I don’t think you’ll regret it.

So my Hourglass affair started with the Ambient Powders and now I own the lip oil and brow pencil. I love both of those too. Next on my ‘want to try’ list is the primer and concealers…am off to drool over them now!


The Makeup Spy XOX