My Chanel bridal make over.

January 30, 2013

So am getting married in April and since I hate having my picture taken due to my acne scarred skin I wanted to get a make over. After visiting a few counters I decided to go to Chanel…


I chose Chanel counter in Debenhams in Colchester because I had spoken to a lovely girl there called Georgina and she had applied some foundation and bronzer and I loved it. I had been to other counters, Mac, Urban Decay, No7, Clarins and Bobbi Brown where I asked for the same (foundation and bronzer) but I just preferred how Georgina did the application and the Chanel foundation was loooovely. Also Georgina had beautiful makeup on herself and was a joy to chat to which for me makes the experience how it should be enjoyable, fun and professional.

So today I went back for a full make over. Here’s some of what Georgina used



I loved the finished look especially the skin I couldn’t believe how smooth it looked yet it still glowed. I even got my mum to take a photo when I got home (that’s normally a big no no) here it is with my worst side facing forward.


Yes you can still see a small amount of scarring but boy is it so much better than normal I love the lip colour too I don’t normally wear lipstick I go for gloss but this Coco Shine is perfect and so flattering.

You can’t see the eye makeup too well here it was a lovely coral and plum smokey eye. The colours where exactly what I thought would suit me and what I asked for the only thing I’d change was the shimmer but that’s me just being picky. She would have changed that if I’d said but I didn’t as I thought it might be nice on camera.

Overall am so happy and a lot happier about the prospect of have my photo taken on my big day.

There was no sales pressure either just great help in deciding what products would be best to get although I have to say I want them all 😉

Thank Georgina and Chanel xx

I’ll do some more in depth reviews of products soon.