Masks and Peels… Treat your skin like your best friend.

June 27, 2013

Most of us have some kind of skin issue we’d like a bit of help with. Treating your skin to a mask or peel will not only help improve tone, clarity and texture but also make you feel relaxed and calm, you don’t need to go to the salon to do this…(although that’s good once in a while too, especially if someone else is paying!! *winky face)
MASKS DRY SKIN   Tip: Look for masks you can leave on overnight.

Pay Day –  I like Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask apply after your evening moisturiser lie back and enjoy the amazing scent and don’t worry if you fall asleep there’s no need to rinse this off.

Expensive but worth it – Elemis Exotic Cream Moisturise Mask I love this when my skin is on the dry side from acne treatments or dehydration. Apply before you go to bed, relax in the knowledge you’ll be waking up with soft smooth glowing skin.

MASKS OILY, COMBO, BLEMISH PRONE SKIN  Tip: Avoid anything with Menthol, it can cause sensitivity and breakouts (even though companies still feel the need to add them into products under this skin type) Clay based masks (as you probably know) are much better.

Pay Day – There are lots to be honest Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask (you can get this in a trail size!!), Ren ClearCalm Mask, Decleor Clay & Herbal

Expensive but worth itOmorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask A cult, award winning product. It’s strong so use it two days before a big event as it will draw impurities to the surface…(you’ll look worse before amazing!!) but after, skin is clear smooth and radiant. Once month is enough for great results.

MASKS SENSITIVE/ACNE – Tip: Stick with a light cream mask the more natural the better and if you haven’t used a product before ask for a sample.

Pay Day The Body Shop Aloe Smoothing Mask… A leave on mask that’s gentle enough to use everyday if you liked.

Expensive but worth itDr Weil’s Mega Mushroom Calming Mask  How do I get over to you how much I love this….hmmmmm I FREAKING LOVE THIS MASK….. I can feel this baby working as soon as I’ve put it on my skin…. when I have had (not in the last year since my new skincare routine!) a nasty cystic acne break out I’ve use this and it totally calms redness, stops stinging and soreness honestly if you have sensitive skin for what even reason ask for a sample (it last ages too) it’s wonderful.


These are basically gel based treatments (masks) that have a exfoliating effect. They generally contain  ingredients that nibble away at the dry skin leaving a smooth glowing complexion… i prefer these over years of using harsh scrubs that just made me break out and my skin worse than it was… (we all learn by mistakes!!)

Try: Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal, Elemis Tri- Enzyme Resurfacing Gel, Ole Henriksen Lemon Strip Flash Peel (Wouldn’t recommend this for sensitive skin do a patch test first) try Caudalie Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel instead.

For quick and easy time saving option try peel pads… pre-soaked pads that you wipe over your face and then throw away. My particular favorite are Origins Brighter by Nature they really are quick to use and made my skin glow, helped fade old blemish marks and discoloration while making it feel super smooth. Great for busy mums!

Please leave a comment with your favorite masks or peels and if you have any skin or makeup questions ask away or email me at