Love Gloss by The BodyShop

February 1, 2013

Love Gloss… A makeup must have for me…


I absolutely adore The BodyShop’s Love Glosses, £10 I have them in 5 colours but would honestly have them all!! They give a ‘wet’ look to lips and feel so moisturizing plus they aren’t sticky!!
I’ve tried so many different glosses over the years but this is still my all time fave. I wish they would bring out a wider colour range but for now I mix my clear LoveGloss with my Maqpro lip fard palette to create my own.

Oooo swatch time….


We have (clockwise from left) Natural 01 (clear), Blush Pink 04 (nude brown), Raspberry Pink 11 (red with a pink undertone), Sweet Peach 17 (peach with gold shimmer), Pale Pink 13 (Light lilac pink with shimmer)

*I work as a Body Shop at Home Consultant but I don’t get paid by them to advertise or anything else if you’ve looked through my post you’ll see a vast variety of products I really do only post products I believe are great.