Hormonal Skin Horrors

December 17, 2015

IMG_20151217_170320Well as I have mentioned before I suffered with cystic acne from the age off about 11 through to my late twenties. I realised in my late twenties after being diagnosed with Endometerosis that the acne was cause by my hormones. When I was on the pill it was clear and only a couple of small pimples would appear the week of my period. When I then was told to run my pill together by my consultant to help reduce my Endo pains the monthly pimples disappeared too. Now that I have had a hysterectomy and only have one ovary left my skin is oilier and I have breakouts around my chin. The chin area is normally linked to your reproductive organs.

So I want to tackle the issue. How will I do this?

Normal when my skin changes for the worse, after I’ve bang my head on the table a few times and asked the mirror why, I’ll look at my current skincare routine and see where I could change things easily to help improve the current ‘situation!’

  • Current Cleasner/s – AM Sisley Cleansing Milk with Sage  / PM Tata Harper Oil Cleanser

I will change my evening cleanser to a clay based one so either PixiBeauty Glow Mud, Tata Harper Purifying cleanser or May Lindstorm Honey Mud cleanser a good cheaper alternative is Rens Clay Cleanser I love that too.

  • Current Toning Stage – AM PixiBeauty Glow tonic / PM 3 evenings a week Alpha H Liquid Gold or PixiBeauty Glow Pads

I will keep these the same although. I will swap the Pixi Glow Tonic for Rens Clarifing Toner as that seems to work better at keeping my blemishes a bay. This could be because it contains latic acid instead of glycolic.

  • Current Serum – Am & PM Darphin HydraSkin


As oily/blemished skin tends to be dehydrated (lacking in water). I always use a hydrating serum after toning to combat this. I have tried a few nearly finished this Darphin HydraSkin one but I don’t think its any better than the Vichy Aqua Thermal which is a cheaper alternative. In fact I think I saw quick and better results with that, so I shall be buying it again.

  • Current Treatment – AM Darphin MattSkin Lotion / PM Sunday Riley Luna 3-4 times a week. (Using Alpha H other Nights)

I will change the AM lotion to Kate Summerville Goat Milk moisturizer as it contains latic acid (from the goats milk) it helps to keep spots at bay. I will stick with my current PM choices as they are new to my routine anyways.




After a week of changing up my routine to what I have described above my skin looks way better. My blemishes have gone and so far no more have turned up.