Halloween Makeup Ideas.

October 24, 2013

I have create a few different Halloween characters over the last month using products that’s most people will have in there makeup kit or stashed away in there bedroom draws.


Here’s the looks and what I used.


The Joker

Foundation lighter than your skin tone.
Face powder lightest you have.
Purple cream eye shadow, Matt purple shadow, black eye shadow and dark grey eye shadow.
Black eye liner.
Blood red lipstick.
Green hairspray or a green wig could be got from a fancy dress shop.



Your usually foundation.
Black eye shadow.
Peach or pink cream blusher… (Powder blushed would work aswell)
Black eyeliner.
Other cream eyeshadows for patches if you wise.


Scary Doll

Lightest foundation you have or can get your hands one.
Black eye liner.
Pink blushed.
Bright pink lipstick.
Mixer of pink eyeshadows… Shimmer and Matt.

If you don’t have any of this things at home try Superdrug and Boots they have great cheap lines that will sell everything you need.