Great on the Nips, Better on the Lips!

September 25, 2014

Those naughty UVA rays have been out in force this summer and down south the afternoons are still hot and sunny, that and the ‘odd snog with my husband and his rather cool and handsome stubble, along with air-con have equaled dry, sore cracked lips… OUCH!

pic lips

Now before you Vaseline loving ladies start saying  grab some…. no I won’t! Vaseline does NOT hydrate your lips or anything else for that matter. It only acts as a barrier from the elements (that’s why crazy people that swim the channel slap it all over their bodies to protect it from the harsh cold water… we need to address the dryness first and repair the lips.drlipp

So I have turned to my hero nipple balm yep you read that right. DrLipps Original Nipple Balm, £11.50 is 100% natural medical grade lanolin. It’s one of my makeup kit essentials and has been by my side for the last few weeks. It has completely restored my mouth to soft, plump, kissable lips (form a orderly queue!)

I also discovered, after being allowed by one of my lovely friends to test whether her very sensitive and reactive lips (she’s tried everything!) would be OK with this being  as its all natural I was pretty sure it would be OK, and it was! Brilliant. Dr Lipp can be bought from various websites try link above for it is more expensive I know but my current tube has lasted me a year and half and I use it in my makeup kit so I think that’s good going. It’s multi-purpose so you can slap it on your nips if you like breast feeding mums or runners! or even your cuticles, and small patches of Eczema like the ones you can get on your eye lids!

Yep I love my Dr Lipp.