Fire Away Friday…

June 28, 2013

Your Skin and Makeup questions answered…


Gillian, via Facebook…
I have a bit of eczema on my face, more so right under my eyes and in my eyelids. The doctor gave me hydrocortisone cream to put on, but when I put make up on you can still see the eczema under it. I use an Elizabeth Arden foundation, it’s like a creamy type, I don’t like liquid or powder foundation. Can you suggest anything at all that will cover the eczema?? Cream? Different foundation??

It’s gonna sound crazy but try Burt Bees Lip Balm or another very natural no mineral oil lip balm on your eye lid and underneath.  Try to do this for at least a couple of days and not wear make up hopefully it will help clear it up.
What skincare do you use??? Might be good to look at that as well to try and solve the eczema. You could be using something that aggravates it. A good face cream would be Dr Organic – Manuka Honey Rescue Cream
 Make up wise you do have to be careful with ingredients as so many make eczema worse (it’s ok though Red Wine and Cakes won’t !!*big grin ) Your right to go with a cream as it will be more moisturising and wont show up the dry patches so much… am not sure which EA foundation it is your talking about  I would have to check ingrediants but Liz Earle does a mineral oil free concealer which has Avocado oil in which is good for eczema so give that a go. Foundation wise it needs to be Mineral oil free, no Bismuth Oxychloride they will irritate and make things worse.

Hope this helps let me know how you get on.


Caroline, Via email
I LOVE your makeup spy blog, I started reading them when they came through on facebook and have now read them all…they are all fantastic!  Very informative and witty 🙂  well done.
I am looking for an eyebrow kit like the Shavata brow perfector kit (£19.50) but have you come across a good one that costs a bit less!  Or is it worth paying the extra for the Shavata one?

Yes, yes I know I had to included the first part… brag brag….
Oh I love a good brow set…. in fact am a little obsessed with them especially after being at the IMATS and have a demo of Beautiful Brows semi permanent kit done on me… wow the difference was brilliant and easier too use than I thought. So IMO The Shavata one seems expensive for what you get and I am not sure about the cream consistency, I think it could be hard to apply. If you  do decide to go with that one it is cheaper at the moment on
 have the Urban Decay kit which has two powder colours, mini tweezers and brush~(not great to be honest buy a separate one) and a wax underneath to hold unruly brows in place. I also absolutely love and highly recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow kit… it is more expensive but really worth the money you get everything you need for prefect  natural looking brows. (No hairy scary caterpillars here!!)

Hope this helps



Katie, Via Facebook
I am having problems with oily lunch I have foundation all around the nose bit on my glasses…the foundations I have tried for oily skin don’t seem to cover as well and I need good coverage as my skin is very red and blotchy…help!!

I can totally relate to this, it is more of a skincare issue than a makeup one, as you need to balance your skin to stop it producing as much oil see my kickstart your skin post for a great skincare routine that will help with this. It certainly has for me! I highly recommend Rens Calmclear clay cleanser and exfoliating toner has worked wonders and then The BodyShops Seaweed Spf Lotion I just can’t find one that as I like as much as that at the moment am on my forth tube!! (that’s never happen before I like changing it up and trying new things too much!) then you need to get a fine milled loose powder, translucent is the best as it wont effect the colour of your foundation base. Try MUA Loose powder from Superdrug or if you want to splash out Chanel or Laura Mericers loose powders ARE AMAZING!!!!!!! 

Hope you can get this sorted from here.