Eye, Eye me hearties…

July 3, 2013

Ooooo I do love eye makeup…
I love trying new things (sometimes with great results sometimes not so much)
but today am sticking with very basics. Once you master the basics the options are endless with so many different colours, textures and products.

So your foundation is done, if you have oily eye lids you might want to apply a eye primer like Urban Decays Primer potion or E.L.F.s eye primer. I actually like to use a cream eye shadow as my primer but general do this when am doing a stronger look. Other wise I just use Bobbi Browns Eye Shadow in Sand I love this as it gets rid of any discoloration on the eye and is a great blending colour too.

Start with nude beige colour all over your lid apply with a flat eye brush then usingĀ  a clean fluffy eye brush blend up towards the brow.
Beige Base up towards brow bone(I prefer to use a fluffy brush rather than a sponge applicator as shown here.)

Next taking the flat brush add a darker brown/taupe colour to the outside corner of your eye, with a crease brush blend that through the socket.
Once you have created the depth you would like apply a black or dark brown liner to tops of your lash line start in the inner corner and slowly move towards the outer corner. Blend this gently with a small eye blender to soften the look.
Tip: Tilting your head back and looking down into a mirror makes applying liner to top lashes easier.

Next tightline your top lashes this is where you add liner to the inner eye rim. It can feel a little funny to begin with. If you find this awkward apply it to the bottom eye rim and blink a few times this should transfer it before it dries.

I like to use a small flat edged brush and dark eyeshadow…
Tightlining I then press and smudge it into the top inside lash line as shown above (you can use gel liner, liquid liner, pencil liner as well which ever you prefer.)
Eye Liner Finish the basic eye by smudging black or dark brown kohl liner under the lower lash line and blend to soften with a small blender brush. Curl lashes and finish with lots of black mascara.

You can now use this method to do lots of different eye looks…. try changing colour hues do purples, greens or blues or mix it up, taupe over the lid and bright purple violet in crease. Cranberry shimmer over lid and Matt black through the socket for a dark evening look. You could even change the liner on lower lashes for a bright purple or green the options are pretty much endless.

Enjoy playing…