Ellis Faas probably the most beautifully packaged makeup range in the world.

September 14, 2013

I adore design just as much as I love my makeup and skincare they go well together as us consumers are first sold on a product by the way it looks. (I admitt I have bought a fair few items on the packaging alone!)
When I saw this makeup range I just fell in love. It’s packaging is so cool and functional, brilliant for weekends away, holidays etc. Also the products themselves are absolutely wonderful. Yes it’s true great packaging amazing products!!
Here’s a quick introduction…

You can buy the individual products which come in sliver tubes with twist up ends and brushes on other.
There foundation, concealer, mascara, lip gloss, lip creme, blusher, eye shadows and eye liners to choose from.

Once you’ve built up your collection I totally recommend the travel container to keep them in.
It’s a long sliver tube (by husband thought it looked like the Dino DNA holder in Jassic Park lol)
In the top part it has a mirror and place for a powder so clever huh…
Then inside you have holes to slot the other products in…
In the centre is Skin Veil Foundation… A beautiful light to medium radient boosting foundation it just seems to make my skin glow without looking greasy and cover most flaws (not my acne scars or dark spots but not alot does).
I also have one of the concealers, great for undereyes and around the nose,
a black mascara, blusher, lip gloss and 2 eye shadows.
The eye shadows are amazing…. Apply with the attached brush, blend with either finger or fluffy brush, wait 1min and it’s set it’s not going anyway for at least 8-10hours.
Mascara is also a big fave of mine it makes my lashes look thick and longer without and clumps.
I like the lip gloss it’s not anything special to be honest but I like having the holder filled with everything I need to make me up I do love this colour it’s a yummy bright coral orange.
The blusher is another winner… sponge tip applicator, thick creme texture easy to blend with fingers and a lovely range of colours. Mines run out so will be replacing asap!!

Left to right…
Foundation, concealer, lip gloss in L307, blusher S301 (not showing well as pretty much all gone) eye shadows in E104 and E108 I also have a black mascara in their.

It would make a great gift to yourself or better still get someone else to buy it for you 😉

It can be hard to get hold of in shops try SpaceNK or online at CultBeauty.