Golden Drops of Youth

November 20, 2015

When a sample of Nude ProGenius Rescue Oil  came with a recent SpaceNK order I was very intrigued and happy to give it ago. It’s a good 5ml sample and I’ve been using it every evening and sometimes in the morning.

Nude Rescue Oil
Nude Rescue Oil

It is a dry oil so it sinks in really quickly and there’s no tackiness left over. It contains bakuchiol, a natural alternative to retinol, which helps to even out the texture of your skin. There’s rose hip seed oil, which is rich in omegas 3-6 as well as vitamin C this helps nourish your skin. Rosemary extract is great at helping to clarify the skin along with coleus root oil.
Since the first time I used it my skin seems to be more even in tone and has a lovely smoothness in the morning. It has made me look into other facial oils containing retinol.


There has been a big online hype about Sunday Reliy’s Luna oil.

Sunday Riley Luna
Sunday Riley Luna

This contains hydroxypinacolone retinoate which is trans-retinol ester which is known to be less irritating to skin. So you shouldn’t get the dryness and itchiness that standard retinol can cause.  The blue tansy oil is the other star ingredient as it is known for its anti-inflammatory properties so it really helps to calm stressed and tired skin, who doesn’t need that? The colour of the product is a little gimmicky, it is actually just cosmetic colourant (see the last two numbers at the end of the ingredient list) that creates the bright greeny blue colour and not the blue tansy oil people presumed. However it has been a great marketing tool…clever sods!!
This is one I’ll definitely be giving a go.


Moving on again in retinol strength this time to Verso’s Super Facial Oil which contains their retinol 8 complex. Claiming to be 8 times stronger than any non-perspective retinol in the same dose. This ultra light weight dry oil is suitable for all skin types is easily absorbed without irritation.

Verso super facial oil
Verso super facial oil

The packaging is very cool and looks like an expensive perfume. The 7.5ml dry spray oil valves are kept in a black box till you need to pop one into the black case to use. This stops any UV degradation. It’s functional and beautiful.

This product is very tempting. All the reviews have been very good and it certainly sounds like something my skin could do with. As I haven’t use retinol very much therefore I think this may be a bit strong at first and with the price tag of £135( it’s something I’d have to be sure about before I splashed out. A sample is needed first I reckon.

Overall I’ve been very impressed with the Nude rescue omega oil and I think once I’ve finished I will take the step up to Luna. If you prefer natural products or have sensitive skin then the Nude oil would be a good to try, always ask for a sample where possible! If you have already used retinol the slashing out on the Verse super oil might be a good choice to boost the effects.


What’s your experience with retinol?


The Makeup Spy XOX