Current Skincare Routine – Oily Uneven Skin

March 4, 2016

My current skincare routine has made a great difference to my skin. The hormonal blemishes on my chin are gone and my uneven tone is becoming better by the day. I have also seen a difference in my pores and oiliness. My foundation is a looking even better than normal as my skin has a radiance to it that shows through.

I brought thees products after doing lots of research online. I read lots of different reviews focusing on ones from people with my skin type and watch YouTube videos as well. I then search the internet and shops for discount codes and offers with the products I’d like to buy. Great places to look for these are:

  • – free worldwide delivery
  • – free 2 day delivery orders over £15
  • –  free 2 day for orders over £15, free next day for orders over £40
  • – free delivery orders over £30 or £1.95 for 2day
  • – free Royal Mail tracked delivery orders over £20


So onto my current routine and product choices.


  1. Cleanse – Sarah Chapman Rapid Radiance £29
  2. Tone – Aveda exfoliating toner £18 or Ren’s clarifying toner £13
  3.  Hydrate – Guerlain Honey Nector Lotion £46.00 (check out for discounts)
  4. Treat –  Guerlain SOS serum followed by Alpha-H Liquid Gold Perfecting Daywear £41.00
  5. Moisterise – Alpha-H balancing and exfoliating lotion £34 or Sarah Chapman Skin Insurance 30SPF £44



  1. Remove Makeup – Ultrabland Lush £10.75 or Alpha-H Cleansing Oil £35.95
  2. Cleanse – Alpha-H Cleasning Oil  or  Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser £24
  3. Tone –Alpha-H Liquid Gold (3 times a week) Aveda exfoliating toner
  4. Hydrate – Guerlain Honey Nector Lotion 
  5. Treat – Sunday Riley Luna £85 sometimes followed with a Origins Mask Drink Up Intensive£23 or Calm to your senses £23


I have seen a great change in my skin since I started this routine I think this is because it has more targeted active ingredients for my skin type and concerns.

Five steps might seem like a lot to some people but considering the Korens do ten or more it really isn’t. I do however love doing my skincare routine so I find it enjoyable and look forward to using my products.