Concealers and Correctors

January 3, 2013

It can be pretty complicated to find a great Concealer and even more so to work out what Corrector you need for where, let alone which ones you should invest in.


Having suffered with Acne, since I was 11, I have, over the years, become addicted to finding the perfect Concealer.


Am happy to say that now 21 years on I have managed to discover some really great concealing products.
What with post acne scarring, dark under eye circles and some discolouration to add in the mix, Correctors are my new best friend. Although I’ll never be 100% happy with skin (unless by some miracle I get rid of all the scars) with the help of good skin care and these two beauty tools, I feel like I can face the world with a lot more confidence than my past teenage self.

So Concealers – conceal imperfections, such as blemishes, scars.
Correctors – correct colour problems such as sun spots, dark circles and broken capillaries.
The two shouldn’t be confused otherwise your not going to fix the problem but more likely draw attention to it.
Always apply your Corrector first so you can then conceal and return the area back to your natural skintone.

My Favourite Concealers:


Collection (2000) Lasting Perfection Concealer, £4.99 Superdrug or Boots – This is a great, cheaper alternative to the Mac ones I always have one in my kit. The only downside is there are’t a lot of colour choices but it covers blemishes brilliantly. If you haven’t got one get it tomorrow!!!!

Mac Pro-Longwear Concealer, £14.50 – Amazing stuff…. lasts all day (and longer if you wish!) covers everything best applied with a short brush over foundation (I use Blank Canvas Cosmetics 217) then set with powder.

E.L.F Tone Correcting Concealer, £1.50 – The name of this is very confusing… Its suggesting that it ‘Corrects’ and ‘Conceals’ but as far as am concerned it just conceals, all be it very well, perfect for under eyes and around nose. It’s a great cheaper product.

Mac Select Coverup Concealer, £14.50 – Love this stuff it’s slightly runner than the Pro-Long wear but still covers amazingly its better for under your eyes and around your nose.
Tip: Short on time – Mix with your foundation. I find it covers so well I can skip Concealer if in a rush.

Smashbox HD Concealer, £15.00 (for full size) – Its another liquid and a very runny one at that. I love it under my eyes but as its light to medium coverage it’s just not enough for my scars.

Cargo One Base, Travel size – This came in a kit and I keep it in my bag for touch ups. It’s a concealer and foundation in one….confused? Yeh me too… Great for a night out or taking to work to touch up under eyes and blemishes.

E.L.F Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter, £3.75 – This is very thin fluid, it’s lovely under eyes if you don’t have any dark circles to hide. Another good bargain buy.

New CID i-conceal, £19.00 – I got this from a magazine beauty sale so didn’t pay the RRP it’s certainly expensive but I do like the oh so pretty packaging and find it lovely to use. Coverage wise its pretty good but not sure its worth the hefty price tag. EBay is a good place to look for a cheaper one if you wanna give it try.


As far as correctors are concerned I only need one product in my makeup kit… There in the middle of the above photo is my holy grail makeup product Maqpro Petite Palette, £24.50 from PAM London.


In this palette you have a row (shown above) of correctors plus a great contour shade. They are a wax based creme and go on beautifully with either a Beauty Blender or try Real Techniques crease brush.
From left to right:
1. Brown – Contour shade
2. Peach – Corrects under eye blue/purple discolourations
3. Green – Corrects redness brilliant on new blemishes and can be mixed with foundation to tone down overall redness in skin tone
4. Purple – Corrects yellow and shallow tones to brighten complexion.
5. Golden yellow – Great on Asian skin tones for under eyes or mix with the brown for a beautiful bronze highlighter.

This beauty fits in your purse or make up bag so its prefect for travel.
Plus there’s the second row which has lovely blusher and lip shades. Its just perfect go on treat yourself you won’t be disappointed.