Combat the Congestion

September 13, 2015

I have found recently that my chin and middle of forehead have become congested and by congested I mean small bumps and rough oily skin.
If your skin is over producing sebum, oily or combination skin types general suffer. The sebum can stick to the dead skin cells inside the follicle, which causes the pore to be blocked and you then end up with small bumpy skin, blackheads and whiteheads. If these then become inflamed you can end up with larger spots and blemishes which are harder to deal with.

To combat congested skin it’s good to address the two main problems
*Dead skin cell build up.
*Over production of sebum.

Everyone knows that exfoliating the skin is important but as the skin on your face is more delicate than your body it’s good to stick clear of large grain based exfoliating products as they are too harsh for the skin. I only use a grain based product once a week and daily opt for a skin friendly AHA/BHA acid toner which rather than buffing the dead skin cells away,they go all Pac- Man like and nibble away at the dead skin cells. I like all of these and chop and change bewteen them monthly depending on what I fancy.

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Sensitive skin types can opt for fruit enzyme based products such as, Elemis Papaya Peel or other products made with pumpkin, papaya or pineapple all of which again nibble away at the dead cells sells.Addressing the skins over production of sebum is slightly trickier as there are other factors, such as genetics and hormones, that can cause this to happen. To help balance sebum production use products with essential oils in them, as they are known for antibacterial, balancing and mild astringent qualities. Two of my favorite night balms are Decleor Aroma Night Balm and Darphin Purifying Balm.

decleor aroma night (1) DarphinBalm (1)

These concentrated essential oil balms are used at night by pressing them into skin as your final stage in your skincare routine. I also like to add some essential oils into my morning routine am currently trying out a skin booster which is for clogged pores it contains Jojoba and Lavender oil and you add two or three drops into your normal moisturizer. It’s by Odacite and they have loads of different serum concentrate to help different skin concerns, brilliant!

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Happy skin days, people XOX

*This post nor any of my others are sponsored and all products used have been bought and tested by myself.*