Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base

February 7, 2013

Imperfections beware… Dull skin… Pffft…. Flawless complexion oh hell yeh!!!


My skin saviour… A primer to out do all others I’ve tried.

Chanel Skin Base

I love this stuff… WHY??? Because it makes my foundation go on so smoothly and gives a beautiful glow to my skin… Plus its Oil Free yipeeee!!

Seriously this is good stuff… it’s a thick white liquid that you apply under you foundation (or if your lucky enough to not need foundation you can use it alone). It fills in any gaps like acne scars and wrinkles and when you apply you foundation it glides on over the top and creates a pretty perfect finish. I liked the fact I could use a matt foundation and not look cakey or too dry. Matt foundation gives a great flawless finish but when I used to use this on its own it seemed to go cakey on my blemishes and make my skin look powdery which seemed to emphasise my acne scars. When I now apply my (Chanel perfection) foundation my skin glows and looks a lot better than before.

I said I wouldn’t use it and save it and it’s incredible powers for my wedding day  but I have used it a few times already as I like it so much!! I think the price tag is OK £30 because it really does work. Obviously everyone’s skins different so I can’t say for sure it will work for you but from other reviews I’ve read people seem to be as happy as me.

I’ve tried a lot of primers (smashbox, urban decay, benefit are some I remember but would like to forget) but another I’ll still use for everyday (if I can resist the allure of Chanel’s) is The Body Shops Primer Moisture it,£12.


It doesn’t fill in all the gaps or illuminate my skin but it does help my foundation last all day and give stop the cakeyness on blemishes when I have them.

One thing when trying primers is to try and found out whether is a water, silicone or mineral based as you want it to be the same as your foundation so they work together you won’t get the right results otherwise and boy you will be disappointed.