Body Beautiful…

September 5, 2013

Thought I’d do I quick post on my favorite body products because I just adore them and rebuy when they run out… something I don’t normally do as I like to try new products.
So I have two sets… An everyday set and a pampering (more expensive) one.

My everyday body loves

The Bodyshop Shower Gel in Mango.
I use this because it is soap free still has a creamy lather, a little goes a long way and smells so zingy it gives me a good wake up call!

The Bodyshop Mango Sugar Scrub.
I love this as it has mango oil in it so it smells great and locks in moisture (no need to moisterise after, bonus for anyone who is in a rush!)
The fact it is a sugar scrub means it doesn’t scratch your skin like a some seeded ones and it melts away in the bath…. No bits floating around. Rub it in on dry skin before you get in shower for extra oomph!

If I don’t use the scrub (you don’t need to everyday) I would use the The Bodyshops Beautifing Oil in Mango to moisterise. I love layering scents it makes them last longer on the skin and great for hot weather.

Pampering products

Aveda’s Personal Blends Bath and Body Salts.
You get to pick your scent and then they add the essential oil blend to the bath salt and shower gels.
The salts can either be added to your bath or used with the Energizing oil as a body scrub. I love doing this it’s what they do in the Aveda salons…. Apply the oil to your dry skin then rub the salts over the top. Not only does it smell amazing it buffs all dry skin away and leaves skin beautifully soft and smooth.

Aveda’s Energizing Body Oil.
Use as above or on wet or dry skin to moisterise. Great as a massage oil too…if you can get someone else to apply it for you even better 😉

Aveda’s Personal Blends Shower Creme.
I could use this everyday but I save it for when I go out or need a relaxing treat. It’s creamy and rich and makes your skin clean and soft. Again you pick your essential oil blend and have it added to the creme wash.
I also use this to shave my legs as the creamy lather is prefect and means I don’t have to moisterise them which can cause a rashy reaction… Yikes no thanks!!