Blue Hues

January 4, 2013

So is Blue the new Black??? From what I’ve seen and read in the hub of beauty and fashion world it sure seems likely…

blue end

I wouldn’t normally wear blues on my eyes but the looks I’ve seen on the internet and in magazines have made me want to try it out. I have to say I love the results.

So whats out there to get our makeup loving hands on???
I was surprisingly spoilt for choice…

No17, Urbandecay, Look, SoapandGlory

There are tons of eye shadows and liners. I particularly liked the No17 ones as well as a Look Magazine Baby Blue (also great for a pastel shadow look)

No17, Look and Makeup Essentials

I found the Accessorize palette I already have has some lovely blues too…

Accessorize Palette

My Blue Hue Look…

1.Prime lid with E.L.F mineral eye primer, £3.75
2. Apply a wash of No17, light teal shadow all over lid.
3. Using the darker blue from No17 apply and blend into crease and then blend outwards to create wing effect.
4. Take a shimmery light blue (I used Accessorize Palette) and press into very corner of eyes and blend under lash line.
5. Going back to No17 darker blue, blend under lash line from outside of eye.
6. Add Soap and Glory Aqua Liner in Navy to upper and lower water lines.
7.  I then went back over the lighter blue tone but this time with a wet brush so it was brigther and the shimmer was stronger.
7. Apply lots of Black Mascura then finish with some conceal under eyes to remove any dropped colour.

My Blue Hue

If you want a more natural look try just using a blue liner with a nude cream base (Mac paint pot in painterly) all over lid…

Smashbox and No17 Liners

again had two super soft eye liners and the Smashbox gel liners palette, £24.00 has a royal and teal blue in it. This is a great product to experiment with as well as carry around as its super thin and has 10 different shades in it.

Liners blue
If your already a lover of the super sexy cat flick why not try it in a metallic teal blue Urban Decay Liquid Liner  in Siren1.7ml, £14.00  is so pigmented and glossy as well as long wearing.