BB eye cream by Garnier

January 27, 2013

BB creams have been all over the cosmetic market and now a BB eye cream…..just a marketing ploy or a great new product?


So I bought this as I needed a new eye cream that would re-hydrate and help with my dark circles. I wanted to try something new and I was intrigued. I like my ‘Bodyshop’ and ‘Bobbi brown’ BB creams and I have heard nothing but good things about Garniers version. (My sister loves it for one!!)

So its a small 7ml tube with a silver rollerball end it comes in Light and Medium. I bought the light one as am light to medium skin toned and thought lighter would work well as it would brighten too.


Unfortunately Light isn’t the word I’d used to describe the colour it blends in OK but its a medium colour in my opinion a shade darker than me I’d say a close match would be Mac NW30!!! So that was a disappointing.

The roller all is lovely. It glides over skin well and is very cooling which I like. It does re hydrate my under eye skin and feels refreshing but isn’t super great on the old dark circles but the skin looks smoother which is nice.

I enjoy using it and will keep doing so but it just isn’t worth the £9.99 price tag IMO (luckily I paid the new product £7.00 price) can’t wait to see some other peoples reviews and see what you guys think…
BB eye creams….marketing ploy…. hmmmm yes in this case I think so.