Base for your face…

July 2, 2013

Foundation like moisturiser is a bit of a mine field…

Face with base...

We all have different skin and there are so many choices out there it can be hard to find the right one.  (it means we can buy several ladies doesn’t it 😉

So when your on the hunt for your holy grail of foundations, here’s a few tips..

If your heading to the a drugstore;
Try L’oreal or Bourjois both do some great foundations.
Test on you chin/cheek (not the back of your hand or worse wrist!!)
Make sure you have a pocket mirror with you to see if it’s the right shade.
Taking a mirror with you means you can step outside and check it in daylight.

If your going to go to a department store or stand alone makeup shop;
Ask for them to test it on you
ALWAYS ask for a sample…. It’s so much better to get a sample and then take it home to try for a week then waste your money on one you thought seemed ok in the shop.
Do some research before you go… (that’s were I and other bloggers,vloggers and youtubers come in!!) see whats popular for your skin type and what you like the sound of at least it gives you a starting point.

Ok so you’ve got your hands on your base…you’ve prep your skin now you can apply.

There a three main ways of applying your base using your fingers, a brushes or beauty sponge.
*Fingers will give you a lighter finish.
*Flat brush will give you a heavier finish.
*Flat kabuki brush gives medium to full coverage.
*Beauty Blenders are good for wax based foundations like Maqpro (I use this on my clients it looks like your not wearing anything and gives a flawless finish.) I also like to use them to blend product in like creme blush and contour shades.

If your applying with your fingers (make sure they are clean first for god sake!) dot the foundation on your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks then starting from the center of your face heading outwards blend in, this way you’ll end up with less product around your hairline (foundation in hair… bad look!)

Start the same with your brush or sponge… with a brush, buff in with circular motions then stipple over any areas that need more coverage.

When using a beauty sponge,  pat and roll, pat and roll… (you have to wet the sponge first and squeeze out all the water till no water is left dripping.) if you have any areas that need extra coverage pat more product over the top till the area is covered and blends in with rest.

These are just a couple of basic ways there are lots more and it’s a bit of try, test and see till you find one that works for you and your skin (but then that’s half the fun isn’t it?!?!)

Once i’ve done my foundation I like to move on and do eyes next and leave the skin to settle… you’ll be amazing how different it can look in 10 or so minutes plus if your doing a heavy eye look its a lot easier to clean up any drop out.

So tomorrow I’ll be back with Basic eye makeup…