At Home Facials…Because You’re Worth It…Plus They’re Free!!

December 19, 2013

I’ve only had one facial at a salon and I really liked it plus how my skin looked after (glowing, smooth, soft and even) saying that I just love giving myself a facial at home. I have been known to slap on a clay mask and dance around the sitting room for 10mins or hide from my hubby and jump out on him.. teehee


What you’ll need:
Flannel and Cotton pads
Cleansing Balm or oil
Exfoliator – liquid or scrub*
Mask for your skintone (See Masks and Peels)
Toner Spray
Facial oil or lotion

If you can get everything you”ll need out and sit on your bed/sofa and relax…

First of all soak the cotton pads in warm water so they don’t drag over your skin.

Apply a cleansing oil with your finger tips all over your face and remove with a warm flannel. You can either repeat this step or use your favorite cleansing balm second time round. This time really massage the oil/balm into your skin. Remove with flannel.

Next apply your exfoliator, I prefer a non-grainy one so I use a liquid applied to a cotton pad. This step is very important before your mask as it removes all the dead skin cells blocking your pores and will allow the mask to work properly.

Apply your favorite mask suited to your skintone or particular issue at the time. Close your eyes and relax for 10-15mins.Remove your mask with a warm flannel, do it gently and repeat till all of the mask is gone.

Apply a hydrating toner try to use a spray version it will feel refreshing and means you won’t be rubbing your face again.

Lastly apply a moisturizing lotion or facial oil. Use upward hand motions and don’t forget your neck and chest.

I like to do this at least once a week but if you have problematic skin try to do it every three days.