December 26, 2012


Hello *waves* welcome to MakeupSpy.

Thought I would do a informal CV since this is my blog as well as makeup portfolio.
I have two degrees one in Photography and one in Graphic design. I spent 8 years working as  freelance designer and art director on a variety of magazines (including Instlye, New Women, Eve, Now, Look, Homes and Gradens, Sainsbury) in and around London. Before that I was working as Photographer at Venture Portraits flagship store in Shipley, West Yorkshire. Combining my photography and design skills was really good for art directing shoots.
I have always had a huge passion and love for skincare and makeup and having my twin girls has meant I have had time to build a makeup portfolio and develop my skills. I am currently doing bridal, special occasions and prom makeup. I am looking to work on more editorial and film projects in the future.

As am dyslexic you may find the odd spelling and grammar mistake. I do try my very best to get things right but even with using a dictionary I can still pick the wrong word (which to me seems right) or muddle things up. (It can make for an rather interesting read sometimes as me and my family/friends often like to laugh about with funny texts they get 😉

If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me. I like a good question!!

I hope you enjoy

The Makeup Spy



PR Companies I would be very happy to review products and if you’d like to send me anyplease email me for an address and contact number.All product reviews will be 100% honest (good or bad) and in my own words.