A Daytime Smokey Eye with Ease

February 2, 2014


Quick and easy Daytime Smokey Eye.

All you need is….
A cream or ivory matt eye shadow
A dark brown matt eye shadow
A brown eye liner
Black mascara
Cotton buds
A eye shadow brush and an eye blender brush.

1. Apply the Matt Ivory shadow with shadow brush(or finger) all over your lid and up to the brow.
2. Take the same brush dip the tip into the dark brown shadow and place the tip of brush on the outside corner of your lid sweep along the lash line.
3. Blend out the dark colour with a fluffy eye blender brush.
4. Repeat 2 & 3.
5. Line the upper and lower waterline with brown eye liner (Teddy from Mac is a favorite of mine or Rimmels Scandalous brown liner)
6. Take a small amount of brown shadow on tip of blender brush and sweep under lower lash line.
7. Apply lots of black mascara.
8. Using a cotton bud apply the tip to outside edge if top lash line and sweep up and out towards end of brow to get a nice clean line to the eyeshadow as shown in photo above.

Now your ready to rock the Smokey Eye. You can use lots of other colours like Navy, Maroon, Dark green or Purple so go and have fun.

TIP: If your going out in the evening add a shimmery eyeshadow to the corner of inner lid and some false lashes and your ready to rock the smokey eye.


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