A Red Lip Quickie!

January 4, 2016

I have been ohhing and ahhhhing a lot of photographs with lovely ladies wearing bright red lips like Emma Watson in the above picture. Am relativity new to the whole bright red lip, so experimenting has been fun. I have found a couple new red lipsticks that I really like and have been wearing more that I thought I would.

Mac – Lady Danger A  Matt red with orange undertones

Lipstick Queen – Jungle Queen a sheer coral red very easy for day wear.

As I have two 4 year old girls and a 12 week old puppy, see cute picture below!! I don’t have a huge about of time to apply makeup during the day, but I always find some!

Edie, Maisey and Ava the pup

Here is my ‘Red Lip Quickie’ makeup look.

  1. red-lip-for-xmas_23285372183_oGet your skin looking as flawless as possible quickly.  I have been applying Sunday Reily’s tinted primer all over my face and then using a mixture of Nars Concealer with Kevyn Aucions Sensual Skin Enchancer on any blemishes and acne marks. As these are both high coverage I find its a super quick way to get a even complexion without looking cakey.
  2. Add some colour back into your face. It’s really important to do this as your skin will be looking flat after you’ve evened everything out. For this look I have just added some bronzer to my cheeks and a contour powder to under my cheek bones, down the side of my nose and across my forehead.
  3. Sort out your eyes. You can pretty much do what you like here. I opted for an all over wash of chocolate brown matte eyeshadow, brown/black eye liner and lots of mascara.
  4. Add your favorite red lipstick. For this look, I decided to go with a Mac lip pencil in Red all over the lip. Topped with Jungle Queen by Lipstick Queen. I like the sheerness of this for day time you can top it up easily without worrying about smudging it.

Jungle Queen

So there in four easy steps is a ‘Red Lip Quickie’. Whats your favorite red lipstick?


The Makeup Spy