Lets talk Retinol…

May 1, 2017

Retinol is a proven anti-ageing ingredient. Retinol ie Vitamin A is already found in the body. As we get older, free radicals also found in our bodies, float around causing havoc. Enivormentle aggressors such as sun and pollution along with stress and many aspects of our modern lives, create more free radicals. These little bummer […]

My current skincare routine has made a great difference to my skin. The hormonal blemishes on my chin are gone and my uneven tone is becoming better by the day. I have also seen a difference in my pores and oiliness. My foundation is a looking even better than normal as my skin has a […]

My New Love Affair

February 23, 2016

I’ve fallen in love with Sarah Chapman. Well her skincare line that is. I’ve watched many skincare tutorials on YouTube with her products in and read a number of reviews on them too. As my skin was having a hormonal chin breakout  and I had run out of my current Hydrating serum and what to […]

A Red Lip Quickie!

January 4, 2016

I have been ohhing and ahhhhing a lot of photographs with lovely ladies wearing bright red lips like Emma Watson in the above picture. Am relativity new to the whole bright red lip, so experimenting has been fun. I have found a couple new red lipsticks that I really like and have been wearing more that […]

Hormonal Skin Horrors

December 17, 2015

Well as I have mentioned before I suffered with cystic acne from the age off about 11 through to my late twenties. I realised in my late twenties after being diagnosed with Endometerosis that the acne was cause by my hormones. When I was on the pill it was clear and only a couple of […]

I love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. Their are so crazy talented people out there working their magic with a vast variety of products. Unfortunately am not blessed with face that looks that good on camera, or eyes that can work with all makeup looks as they are hooded, winged liner is a no no […]

Golden Drops of Youth

November 20, 2015

When a sample of Nude ProGenius Rescue Oil  came with a recent SpaceNK order I was very intrigued and happy to give it ago. It’s a good 5ml sample and I’ve been using it every evening and sometimes in the morning. It is a dry oil so it sinks in really quickly and there’s no […]

Seeing Double

November 14, 2015

I have found, in my experience as a makeup junkie and artist, that generally I prefer the quality, easy blending and long wearing benefits of the more expensive eye shadow brands. My favourites are Lorac, Viseart Matt shadows and Mac. So I was very excited when I saw the new H&M single eyeshadow in Ginger […]

The first time I heard of Hourglass was when contouring had just started to become mainstream, rather than just a makeup artists secret to chiselled cheek bones. As a makeup artist I had used different shades of foundation to contour with so I was keen to see what new products would be launching to general consumers. […]

The Magic of Masks

November 6, 2015

The only thing I love more smoothing on a rich creamy face mask and jumping out on my husband and children to make them squeal in fright, is the magic effect the masks have on my skin. There are tons and tons of masks on the market but after years of trying a fair few of […]

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